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Remember to tag the article with [[Category:IRCd]].
Articles should include, at the top, the IRCdSidebar widget to provide basic information about the IRCd on a right-aligned sidebar.

Acceptable Content

This is a place to document popular IRC daemons, offer comparison of modules, etc. not your own fork that you may not even be all that serious about.

Content Outline

  • History
    • Conception
    • Previous projects software was forked from
    • Who began the project
  • Modern use
    • What major projects use, or have forked from this software?
    • Do any large networks use it?
  • Usage
    • User modes
    • Channel modes
    • Extended bans, modes, or other functionality that sets it apart from other solutions.
  • Configuration
    • How simple to configure?
    • Configuration management practices
    • Best practices / standard configuration